Advent Botany 2020

Welcome to Advent botany 2020.  This year seems a good opportunity to feature some of the blogs that have been published over the past seven years to provide lockdown reading during the current COVID pandemic. Each winter evening you will have another Advent botany story to read.Outside the Natural Hiatory Museum, London: London plane trees on December night illuminated by numerous white bulbs.Each day I will be transferring one or more of our previous blogs to this new site and using the opportunity to update information where needed.  If you have a favourite blog and would like to talk about why you enjoyed it or what you learned from it then please send me a short video (30 sec-2 min) giving your comments on the topic that I can then embed in the blog as an introduction.  if you would like to update any of the blogs then let me know and I’ll book you in to make a contribution.

1Ivy, Hedera helix L. 6 Sgan T’Sek – Corylus cornuta
11 The joy of citrus
16 Chestnuts roasting in Paris
2 Mulled wine, spices and spikenard
7 – The golden bough and golden Sickle
12 – A Christmas tonic
17Oh Christmas tree!
22Let it snow!
3Ilex, Holly
8 Night of the radishes revisited
13 Cinnamon, Cinnamomum verum
18 Alright mate?
23 Hope
4 Mahleb, Prunus mahaleb L., a ground cherry pip
9 Qulliq
14 Vaccinium vitis-idaea, the lingonberry
19 all in a pickle
24 Coal
5 – Hazel, Corylus avellana L.
10 Spikemoss stories
15 Today’s date
20 the Gomphothere
25 The Great Conjunction
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