Videos of Silchester

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Watch Mike Fulford’s 2015 Public Lecture: 500 years of urban life at Silchester here.

The Field School – 2018

Nick summarises the findings at the Little London Roman tile kilns. August 2017

A 3D model of the pottery kiln found at Little London 2017

See what was uncovered during the Insula III 2016 Excavations

View a report on the sixteenth season’s digging at Silchester Insula IX, 2012 (Music by Stuart Clark).

See how the Opus Signinum floor in the south east area changes as it is excavated over a few seasons from 2004 to 2009.

See how Well 5100 was excavated during the 2008 field season.

Flotation of samples as demonstrated by the lovely Science@Silchester team!