Who are we?

A number of other specialists are called on when required but the core team and their areas of expertise shown below reflect the wide-ranging nature of the investigations. The majority are based at the University of Reading and QUEST but a substantial contribution of aerial, earthwork and geophysical expertise has been made by Historic England, for which we are very grateful. The opportunity to work in close partnership with them and in consultation with the West Berkshire and Hampshire archaeological services has greatly benefitted the project and ensures that we are engaging with wider matters such as local and national planning policy, designation and feeding knowledge across the sectors.

The Silchester Core Project Team

Mike_sm Professor Mike Fulford Univ. of Reading Principal Investigator
Amanda_sm Amanda Clarke Univ. of Reading Field Director
Emma_sm Dr Emma Durham Univ. of Reading Archive & Finds Manager

Research Assistant.

Cathie_sm Dr Catherine Barnett Univ. of Reading Senior Research Fellow & Research Manager. Co-Director Environs Project

Geoarchaeology, scientific dating, archaeobotany (wood and charcoal)

Nick_sm Nick Pankhurst Univ. of Reading Project officer
Dan Wheeler Univ. of Reading Project officer


Rowena_sm Dr Rowena Banaerjea Univ. of Reading Micromorphology
Krystyna Truscoe Univ. of Reading Aerial interpretation
Jane_sm Dr Jane Timby Univ. of Reading Ceramics
Rory Williams-Burrell Univ. of Reading Project assistant
Jenni Eaton Univ. of Reading Project assistant
Dr Sara Machin Univ. of Reading CBM specialist

The Wider Team

Dr Rob Fry, Univ. of Reading, Geophysics, GIS

Dave Thornley, Univ. of Reading, Geophysics

Drs Neil and Paul Linford, Historic England, Geophysics

Helen Winton, Historic England, Aerial interpretation

Dave Field, Univ. of Reading, Earthwork reconnaissance

Mark Bowden and Olaf Bayer, Historic England , Earthwork survey

Kevin Williams , Quest, Univ. of Reading , Coring

Dr Nathalie Marini, Quest, Univ. of Reading, GIS

Dr Rob Batchelor, Quest, Univ. of Reading, Palynology

Dr Sam Cook, Univ. of Leeds, Geochemistry

Dr Claire Ingrem, Consultant, Animal bones

Dr Lisa Lodwick, Univ. of Oxford, Archaeobotany (plant macrofossils)

Dr Mary Lewis, University of Reading, Human remains

Professor John R. Allen, University of Reading, Metalworking debris, petrology

Dr Kevin Hayward , PCA, Stone

Dr Hilary Cool, Consultant, Glass

Dr Joanna Bird, Consultant, Samian pottery

Edward Besly, National Museum and Gallery of Wales, Roman coins

Professor Colin Haselgrove , University of Leicester, Iron Age coins

Dr Nina Crummy, Consultant, Small finds

Dr Peter Warry, Consultant, CBM