Photo Archive

Over the years our excavations at Silchester have grown and developed in numerous ways. From the small team who began the Insula IX trench in 1997 to the 180 or so people who dug in the late 2000s and then onwards to Insula III and beyond the walls in the past few years. Each season has produced fantastic finds and discoveries most of which have now been analysed, published, archived and stored. Our methods of recording also changed over this period with the advent of digital photography, drone survey and 3D-modelling advancing the way in which we could document what we found. Our latter excavations would produce thousands of photos and hours of video but this was not the case with our early seasons. These pages hope to give a bit of an insight into those initial days at Silchester with a focus on a behind-the-scenes look at the site and people who were there each year

1970s and 80s (coming soon)






If you have any old photos from Silchester, particularly from the period 1997-2004 we would love to see them. Please email