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These are the two pieces of antefix found at Little London in 2017 silchexcavation photo

An update on these two pieces of 'antefix' from our excavation of the early Roman tile kilns in Little London in 2017. An antefix was a decorative face used on the eaves of tiled rooves #silchester #archaeology
silchexcavation photo
Dr Sara Machin @saradigs
Antefix update: I have found an example from Dorchester-on-Thames that Brodribb refers to as similar to the Silchester ones. The facial features are all very similar, except for the beard!! @edpev7 have you looked at the Dorchester ones? Any idea where they were made?

Preparations are under way for our 2019 summer excavations at the Calleva bathhouse. We'll be continuing our trenches to the east of the structure, focussing on the external surfaces and Iron Age ditch. We'll also be opening a new trench on the west side. Dates 17th Jun-13th Jul silchexcavation photo

Many of our diggers still look like this...
silchexcavation photo
Reading Museum @readingmuseum
"Paint me like one of your French girls"

Some fantastic discoveries from geophysics conducted to the south of Verlucio Roman town in Wiltshire by our friends and Silchester-collaborators at Historic England

Silchester includes its own temenos on the eastern side of the town. Geophysics led to the discovery of a third square Roman temple within the area which we excavated in 2017. More here...
silchexcavation photo
Robert Macfarlane @RobGMacfarlane
Word of the day: "temenos" - a sacred place, an area of landscape dedicated to worship or deemed to be divine. From ancient Greek τέμενος; in Latin, a "fanum". Metaphorically, therefore, a space of special sanctuary, imaginative power or numinosity.
Where is your "temenos"?