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Don't forget, Silchester features on tonight's #DiggingforBritain on BBC4 in half an hour #Archaeology #RomanBritain #Silchester

New research from long-term Silchester Environs geophysics collaborators @NeilTLinford and Paul Linford

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Dr Sara Machin @saradigs
Could this have been made by Nero 👍. Super clear thumb print on the edge of another armchair voussoir. More amazing finds from the Neronian tile works at Little London. #nero #cbm #roman #archaeology #thumb

Very exciting
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Uni of Reading @UniofReading
The most exciting story about planning permission you'll read today: the @britishmuseum has been approved to build a significant new archaeological collection storage and research facility in partnership with, and right near... us! Read more:

Our summer bath house excavations will feature in the forthcoming new series of Digging for Britain. Clear your diaries on the 5th December. Here's a sneak peak (which we don't feature in unfortunately) #Silchester #RomanBritain #BBC #Archaeology #Dig

There's nowhere better on a sunny day...
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Dr Alan Montgomery @_RomanBritain
The Roman town of Silchester is one of my favourite ancient places - on a sunny summer day, its overgrown corners and wide open spaces are wonderfully atmospheric. Strange to think that this quiet corner of Hampshire was once a bustling metropolis @silchexcavation