Over the years, we have found thousands of amazing finds including the Silchester eagle and the Ogham stone. You can click here to see some of our most significant finds in recent years and what we have learned from them

So what are finds and what do we do with them on site? This slideshow highlights the different types of finds we might uncover and how we deal with them

Finds manager Jen takes us through some of the best small finds from the bathhouse 2019

Here’s some amazing finds fresh out of the trench with the people that found them:

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Over the past month we’ve been sharing some of our best finds from the last 160 years of discoveries at Silchester on our social media pages. Head over to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts and search the hashtag #BestofSilchester

Footprints found on pieces of tile are one of our most evocative finds, but they can also tell us a huge amount about the landscape around the area at the time and how it was managed. Find out more here

See some of the best finds from the bathhouse after they have been professionally conserved and photographed here

A Late Iron Age cremation chambered-grave found around 1.5km from Silchester produced a number of exquisite finds

The Victorians who dug Silchester at the turn of the century left a lot of objects behind for us to find. A rubbish pit dug into the main north-south Roman roads provided a treasure trove of their discarded objects. Find out more

How to photograph small finds


Want to find a specific find? you can search our online database to see all finds and contexts from the Insula IX Town Life Project here. Put a keyword into the search bar and any linked context and images will appear